Moonlight Cinema

How It Works

Booking Process

Book Tickets

Step 1: Choose a Film
Step 2: Click on Book Now
Step 3: Check Screening Date & Time

Purchase Tickets

Step 1: Select Number of vehicles
Step 2: Fill out information
Step 3: Checkout & wait for confirmation

Print Tickets

Step 1: Wait for confirmation email
Step 2: Click on the link and print the ticket
Step 3: Arrive 15 - 30 Minutes before

When You Arrive

Park Up

Step 1: Wait for directions
Step 2: Park up & turn lights off
Step 3: Get comfy

Order Food

Step 1: Decide what to have
Step 2: Place an Order
Step 3: Wait for your order and enjoy!

Tune In

Step 1: Tune FM Radio to 106.1
Step 2: Adjust Volume
Step 3: Enjoy The Film